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What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket, also known as an electronic ticket, is an electronic document that contains the details of your flight ticket, like a unique confirmation number issued by the airline for the booking you have made. It is important to carry a print-out of the e-ticket along with a valid photo-id proof at the time of flight check-in.

Is there any kind of full or partial refund for a ticket that I will not finally use?

A ticket may have different restrictions depending on the airline and the type of ticket (class). Usually for economic fares, only airport taxes are being refunded. However, in order to confirm the exact sum that will be refunded in any case of cancellation or modification, we will need to contact the airline. You may review the terms of the airline regarding the ticket cancellation or modification fees and restrictions, using the respective link on the page where you introduce your credit card details or in the ticket confirmation e-mail.

How can I change the dates of my flight?

In order to change the dates of your flight you will need to complete the relative form and reply to any e-mail that we have already sent you or even send us a modification request by fax. In any case, no change of dates will be accepted unless we are informed in the written form via the website online form regarding the kind of change you are interested in.

With who should I contact if I need to modify my ticket while I am abroad?

If the type of the ticket allows changes on the flight of return and you are abroad, you will have to communicate with the local office of the respective airline.

What happens if the airline changes its flights?

The airlines are sometimes forced to modify the itineraries, hours and number of their flights. In this case we will try to inform you for any changes before the date of departure so that you adjust your program to these changes. These changes are usually of minor importance without significant impact on your trip. If significant changes occur related to your flight (for example change in departure time for more than 2 hours or change of departure airport) and you have no alternative that suits you then you can request compensation from the airline, according to the passenger's rights established by the European Union, unless you have been informed on time by the airline.

Can the name of passenger be changed on the ticket?

The tickets are not transferable and for this reason no change of name can be done. The name should be introduced on the reservation form exactly as it is written on the passport or the identity card. After the completion of the reservation form, no change or correction can be accepted on the name of the passenger.

Publication and collection of tickets

How will I receive my ticket?

Your ticket is electronic (e-ticket) and will be sent to you via e-mail. At the airport you will only need to go directly to the check-in counter of the airline holding your identity card or passport.

What should I do if I lose my tickets?

Your tickets are electronic (e-ticket), therefore even if you lose the e-mail that we have sent you, there is no problem.

Can I get my tickets at the airport?

YES, your tickets are e-tickets and you can get it at the airport

Electronic Tickets - e-tickets

How do I travel with electronic ticket (e-ticket)?

The electronic ticket is particularly convenient since it confirms the purchase of a ticket without the need of any printed document. The airline with which you travel, stores all the details of the ticket in its central system of reservations. This means that you don' t have to show a printed ticket in order to get on the plane and you won't have to worry about fogetting or losing your ticket (since it is not the traditional paper ticket). Having an electronic ticket, allows you to go directly to the check-in counter holding your passport or identity card and a copy of the e-mail booking confirmation (the copy of the e-mail will the agent of the airline to locate your seat faster).

How can I print a copy of my e-ticket?

You can print the e-ticket e-mail that we have sent you after the completion of your reservation, which contains the number of your electronic ticket, or follow the link from the e-mail, download and save the .pdf file with your ticket and print them later.

General Information

Which are the limits and restrictions regarding luggage?

The hand luggage should usually weigh up to 5 kilos while the luggage presented at the counter should not be more than 20 kilos (this may vary a bit depending on the destination). The airlines are becoming more and more strict regarding the weight and size of luggage allowed. Both the weight limit and the maximum dimensions may vary depending on the flight and the category of your ticket. The terms concerning the luggage may vary considerably from company to company. If you have any kind of relative question, we recommend you to contact directly the specific airline.

May I select specific seats?

You cannot choose your seat before the hand luggage control.

How much time prior to the flight departure should I be at the airport?

If you travel abroad you should better be at the airport 2 hours before your departure time, while as far as domestic flights are concerned, 1 hour is enough. Please keep in mind that you will need enough time until you pass the security controls especially during peak periods.

What kind of documents should I carry when I travel?

If you are a Schengen Zone citizen and you travel within Schengen Zone you just have to hold your identity card (your name should be written with latin letters). While your id is enough for you to travel, passports are more common to use while travelling. If you travel outside Schengen Zone, you necessarily need your passport, while your ticket of return and visa may be essential also. We recommend you to consult the embassy of the country that you will visit, in order to be sure of which are the essential travel documents that you will need. Even if our travel consultant may inform you regarding the need of Visa issuing for a certain country, such reminder is not an obligation of ours.

What kind of documents do the children need?

Children need their own passports and visa just like adults. If they travel alone, the airline needs to be informed respectively. Please keep in mind that not all the airlines accept unaccompanied children on their flights. Children that travel inside Greece and do not have a passport or identity card, they should be carrying a birth certificate.

Are there any specific requirements when booking tickets for a U.S. destination?

Yes. These requirements are due to the Secure Flight Program and relevant to the passenger information entry for the flight booking.
Secure Flight Program is a new program implemented by the American Transportation Security Administration to enhance flight security.
The Program is already applied to the domestic US flights and will be applied to the international flights as of November 1, 2010.
According to the Program, passengers traveling to the USA will be required to provide the following Secure Flight Passenger Data when making their reservation:
-Full name (as it appears in government issued documents – e.g. passport)
-Date of Birth
-Redress number – if applicable ( Redress number is a reference number for passengers who had inquiries regarding previous experience they experienced in transportation hubs. For more info click here).
In case the required data are not provided during ticket reservation, the ticket will not be issued.
In case the required data provided are different from the data appeared on the government issued documents the passenger might not be able to board the airplane.
For more information regarding the Secure Flight Program, click here.

Programs for frequent flyers

How do I participate in a frequent flyer program?

In case that you wish to register for a frequent flyer program you will have to contact the airline by phone or via its website.

Where can I find information concerning the points that I have accumulated?

You can get this information only via the respective airline.

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